FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL 2020: "Songs of madness and loss, palace intrigue from Trump's Shadow Administration" Paperback - November 23, 2020

by Dr. Brendan S. Rose (Author)

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From the core of the shadow group of Youtubers and content creators who formed the basis of Trump's support base, we are the Czechoslovakian Secret Police. Watching Trump like a hawk for one solid year. A full on psychoanalysis of the entire doomed Trump campaign, from beginning to end. From Nancy Pelosi's impeachment to the indeterminate outcome due to mail in voting, to Trump's accusations of cheating and subterfuge by the BIDEN CAMPAIGN when Trump was crushed like a pig. Watch as coronavirus burns through the world, see me complain in real time that this virus has altered the way we live into an unrecognizable almost fascist shaped state, where all freedoms are suspended, the right to speak, the right to assemble, freedom of religion. In many cities dating is prohibited unless the couple lives together or are married. The ability to have a party without police breaking down your door in the middle of the night to bring you into the precinct for questioning. Watch all of these rights break down in real time. With the cherry on top, a mail in ballot election, allegations of fraud, poll watchers kicked out of the counting stations, dead people voting, more votes than humans registered, and a bevy of other rather unusual irregularities. READ ABOUT THE MOST INTRIGUING AND INTERESTING PRESIDENCY IN AMERICAN HISTORY The First President to hastily throw off mainstream news sources as meaningless to him, as he got through an entire election TWEETING his policy statements and enraging poor Jack Dorsey, his ever suffering victim. Watch Jack break in real time and declare that every tweet Trump ever makes for eternity must be put in an uninteractable box for the rest of it's existence. And see it all through the eyes in real time, Of a game's journalist, musician, and programming geek. Watch Styx assume the role of Propaganda Minister for TRUMP. See Trump in real time, retweet Styxhexenhammer666. And see a confused and loving relationship developing between the author and his new wife Jialin. See him surrender, feel him surrender. FROM THE EVIL LABORATORYof PSYCHIATRY'S Newest Alex FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL 2020 by Brendan Rose