I am working on a new game called Harmony.

It is an FPS, but I want to make it into an AI experiment with towns and quests like the Forest or 3089. I've been creating and importing custom characters into the game, then rigging them for animation and making them playable as AI and Player controlled characters. I have created swappable clothing, and plan to build on all these systems as time goes on.

As the project moves on, I have decided to move it into the Unity Engine, because of better asset store support. The game will be set in a hub world, a small japanese town, and the player will be transported from the town to a variety of large scale city environments where they will engage in quests, randomized quests, combat, grinding, leveling up, engaging in story segments, etc.

The town has grown considerably since I wrote this, not the small japanese village gives way to a beautiful japenese alleyway, where one of the main characters lives in a house complete with basement, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and in the backyard is a large buddhist temple interconnecting to a beautiful feng shui garden with a large stone buddha at the centre. This will be where you can pick up faction kill quests to assassinate members of the other factions for money and faction loyalty. Further outside the limits of the town, you will walk into a nice San Francisco style neighborhood, connecting you to a massive New York style cityscape which is approximately eight to ten times the size of all the rest of the map put together. Further north of the town you will find a sci fi district with a nightclub where you will discover the Harmony Faction. Further north, the urbanites district has a distinctly Chicago look to it. East of there is the Sci Fi Low Poly District, where the religious zealots of the chosen congregate.

Further cities and environments are planned separate from the main city hub world, all building on the same core factions but differing greatly in appearance and demeanor.

Every faction has their own feelings towards all the other factions, helping or killing one faction will invariably please or upset the others. Making them switch from hostile to friendly, from questgivers and conversation on the street to hostility and fighting. Harmony's faction, Candy, represents sin and vice, corruption and money, they run prostitution rings and engage in criminal activity, they are at war with the Dogs, the common people, who despise them for their activities. The urbanites like both Candy and the Dogs, but they despise the religious zealots, the chosen, and they are at war with the Aristoc, high society politicians, business magnates, and wealthy elites. The aristoc like the vice and corruption of the candy faction, they also like the religious zealotry of the chosen, they despise the common people and are at war with them, they look down upon the urbanites with contempt. Attacking any one faction will set you at odds with others, and win new friends, opening up quests and dialogue with their people.

A grand narrative is planned for this game, and it will take several years of development to be fully complete.

It uses NeoFPS as a character controller, and Emerald AI for the enemy AI, using the HDRP. I am in the process of acquiring more city environments for the player to walk around in, and building new enemy types. I'm using Dialogue System and Quest Machine for quest and conversation management. Down the road I plan to implement:

- Randomized Dungeons
- More Large Scale City Environments
- Further Visual Novel Story System Integration
- Procedural Level Generation
- Randomized Quest Generation